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Loan Services

Our bank is committed to provide corporate customers with loan services and financing services such as mortgage loans, credit loans, revolving credit loans, project loans, syndicated loans and etc.

1. Corporate Loans
Our bank is committed to provide support to the requirements of our corporate customers by offering various types of tailor-made financing products including loans secured by fixed assets or cash deposits, credit loans and revolving overdraft line, etc.

2. Syndicated Loans
Our bank leads and participates in the syndicated loans, including loan arrangement, underwriting, and participation, and provides agency services, etc.

3. Project Financing and Advisory
With extensive experience in project financing and the advantage in market information of ICBC, we provide various services for our customers in project financing and corporate finance consulting, such as corporate merger and purchase; debt restructuring and capital construction financing, etc.

4. Targeted Financing and Advisory
Taking advantage of the Middle East Region on its large export volume in petroleum, gas, as well as its leading position in entrepot trade centre and principal transit airport, we operate business in aircraft and ship financing.

5. Buyer Credit
The bank provides buyer credit to importers located in GCC Countries and supports the export of Chinese products, technology and services as well as the contracted projects overseas.